Bear Alert – July 26 Whistler Village

Please report any bear sightings in residential areas or near Whistler Village to the Conservation Officer Service at 604-935-BEAR or 1-877-952-7277. Early reporting is the best way to reduce human-bear conflict and prevent bear deaths.

There have been three recent black bear incidents close to Whistler Village that may be connected:

  • A small black bear was hit by a car on Highway 99 at Lorimer Road. The bear walked away with unknown injuries.
  • A black bear feeding on berries near Florence Petersen Park bluff charged a person. The Conservation Officer Service contacted the municipality, and the berries were removed.
  • It was believed that the same bear was seen near Olympic Plaza. Conservation Officers have set a trap to relocate the bear.

It is important to stay alert in the Village. Never approach a bear, and if you encounter a bear, always make sure you give it a clear path to exit.

Photo of bear by Mike Crane.