Bear Alert- Aug 25 Lost Lake

A black bear has been spotted multiple times at Lost Lake Park. This is a highly frequented area, where we lost three bears to human-bear conflict last year.

Keep dogs on leash to not aggravate the bear. Please be mindful of all garbage, wrappers and recyclables. Never leave a picnic unattended; black bears are curious and will follow their nose to anything that smells like food. It only takes once for a bear to identify something as a food source, and retain that knowledge.

Due to late snow pack this spring and an exceptionally dry summer, Whistler Valley’s berry crop is poorly developed. Bears will be entering hyperphagia, a state of excessive eating, in preparation for hibernation.

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Photo credit: Sandy Vatne

Bear Alert – Aug 14 Grizzly at Train Wreck

There was recently an unconfirmed grizzly bear sighting at the Train Wreck trail, south of Function Junction. Black bears are more common in Whistler, but be aware that there are grizzly bears in the area.

Learn how to distinguish between black bears and grizzly bears:

With any bears, it is best to hike in groups and stay alert while on trails. If you encounter a bear, give it space and a clear exit, speak calmly, and back away slowly.

Report grizzly bear sightings in the Whistler area by phoning the BC Conservation Officer Service (COS) at 1-877-952-7277 or 604-905-BEAR. Whistler Conservation Officers are notified daily about sightings and immediately in emergencies.

Bear Alert – July 26 Whistler Village

Please report any bear sightings in residential areas or near Whistler Village to the Conservation Officer Service at 604-935-BEAR or 1-877-952-7277. Early reporting is the best way to reduce human-bear conflict and prevent bear deaths.

There have been three recent black bear incidents close to Whistler Village that may be connected:

  • A small black bear was hit by a car on Highway 99 at Lorimer Road. The bear walked away with unknown injuries.
  • A black bear feeding on berries near Florence Petersen Park bluff charged a person. The Conservation Officer Service contacted the municipality, and the berries were removed.
  • It was believed that the same bear was seen near Olympic Plaza. Conservation Officers have set a trap to relocate the bear.

It is important to stay alert in the Village. Never approach a bear, and if you encounter a bear, always make sure you give it a clear path to exit.

Photo of bear by Mike Crane.